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Makhairas' Chronicle

This electronic text of the Chronicle of Makhairas (ca. 1432) was downloaded from a no-longer extant site in Cyprus. The text is available in two formats: The text is in a polytonic font with Greek keyboard mapping; I have also included an option file for the Macintosh concordance program Conc (SIL), which will process texts encoded in such a font. I will be publishing a Unicode version with normalised characters and in XML eventually.

Edition: Makhairas, L. 1980 [1932]. Recital concerning the Sweet Land of Cyprus entitled 'Chronicle'. Edited & translated by Dawkins, R.M. 2 vols. New York: AMS Press.

Greek poems of Rumi & Sultan Walad

Citation of latest editions, and comparison of earlier editions.


I have translated into English verse

I have also translated


Nicaea is a polytonic Greek font (in GreekKeys mapping) for the Palm Pilot.


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