From Memkritiko ('Self-Criticism') by Victor Sadler

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I, wishing for a coffin
(to resign,
a tired ex-hypocrite,
this joke of chess),

continued my search
until the palace
of this healing body,
in whose riches

I besmock
my bones more peacefully
than the womb lulls

the embryo; and it
weaves my ex-existence
into birth.

A son-eto [squeak] of more interest to Freudians than to normal people. It continues the theme of searching, but with its non-negating "ex-"'s and the swing from coffin to birth, it rather changes its tune. It's not terribly clear which verses the author intended to pseudo-rhyme.

Nick Nicholas, opoudjis [AT] optusnet . com . au
Created: 1995; Last revision: 1999-3-29