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An annotated bibliography of references on Tsakonian. The emphasis is on the Tsakonian language, but I am happy to insert references on Tsakonia in general as people provide me with them.

This bibliography incorporates earlier bibliographies by Katsanis (1989), Vagenas (1956a), Vagenas (1971a:301-312).

Asterisked items are not in my possession. If you have an item not in my possession, I would be delighted to arrange a swap with you! The dialectal provenances of the references is indicated as: S Southern Tsakonian; N Northern Tsakonian; P Propontis Tsakonian; L Laconian and Neo-Laconian.


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Excerpts from a study by Philip Bekyros and Helen Tsaggouri (Leonidio 1996). See also alternative site.
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Digitised recordings of Tsakonian
Bulletin from the University of Chicago; recordings made by Eric Hamp in 1956 (Swadesh list elicited from Thanasis Costakis)
Arcadian bibliography


The following keys are used for publications: {B}: Bibliography; {L}: Linguistics; {T}: Texts; {C}: Culture; {H}: History; {E}: Etymology of 'Tsakonian'

*Ahrweiler, H. 1963. Les termes Τσάκωνες-Τσακωνίαι et leur évolution sémantique. Révue des Études Byzantines 21: 243-249. {E}
NS Amantos, K. [Άμαντος. Κ.] 1921. Τσακωνιά - Sclavonia (Tsakonia - Sclavonia). In Αφιέρωμα εις Γ. Ν. Χατζιδάκι. Athens: Σακελλαρίου. 130-134. {HE}
On the mediaeval name of Tsakonia, and the ethnic origin of Tsakonians.
* Amantos, K. [Άμαντος. Κ.] 1928. Τσακωνικά (On Tsakonian). Ελληνικά 1. 178. {H}
* Amantos, K & Costakis, A.P. [Άμαντος. Κ. ϗ Κωστάκης, Θ.Π.] 1930. Τσακωνικά (On Tsakonian). Ελληνικά 3. 532-535. {H}
* Amantos, K. [Άμαντος. Κ.] 1933. Τσακωνικά (On Tsakonian). Ελληνικά 6. 148-149. {H}
* Amantos, K. [Άμαντος. Κ.] 1935. Τσακωνικά (On Tsakonian). Ελληνικά 8. 360. {H}
* Amantos, K. [Άμαντος. Κ.] 1937. Σάλωνα - Τσάκωνες (Salona and Tsakonians). Ελληνικά 10. 210-212. {H}
S Anagnostopoulos, G. P. 1926. Tsakonische Grammatik. (Texte und Forschungen zur Byzantinisch-Neugriechischen Philologie 5) Berlin: Urania/Athens: P. D. Sakellarios. xi+81 pp. {L}
Solid neogrammarian grammar.
* Andrias, I.G. [Ανδριάς, Ι.Γ.] 1868. Λόγος επιτάφιος εις τον Ήρωα Κώσταν Παύλου Τσάκωναν (Eulogy on the hero Kostas Pavlou, Tsakonian). Athens. 16 pp. {H}
* Anonymous. 1881. Η εν Τσακωνία Μονή της Σίντζας (The Monastery of Sintza in Tsakonia). Έσπερος (Leipzig) 1: 164-5. {H}
* Anonymous. 1895. Περί Λεωνιδίου της Κυνουρίας (On Leonidion in Cynuria). Ήλιος (Athens); Τεγέα (Tripoli) 4.4. March 3 {H.}
* Anonymous. 1901. Ιστορία της Ιεράς Μονής Ελώνης (History of the Holy Monastery of Elona). Sparta: Δ. Μάνης. 16 pp. {H}
* Anonymous. n.d. Τσακώνικα άσματα (Tsakonian songs). Λαογραφία 3: 494. {C}
* Anonymous. 1937a. Επαρχία Κυνουρίας (Δήμος Λιμναίων...) (Cynuria District - City of Limnaei). Αρκαδικόν Ημερολόγιον 1: 120-132.
* Anonymous. 1937b. Δημοτικό τραγούδι (για τον τσακώνικο χορό) (Folk song for the Tsakonian dance). Κυνουριακή Επιθεώρηση 1.4: 103. {C}
* Anonymous. 1938a. Ιερά Μονή Ελώνης (The Holy Monastery of Elona). Παναρκαδική Ηχώ 593. October 2. {H}
* Anonymous. 1938b. Πρίγκηψ Νικόλαος και Τσακώνοι (Prince Nicholas and the Tsakonians). Κυνουριακόν Μέλλον 3.44. March 20. {H}
* Anonymous. 1939. Ιστορικά έγγραφα. Η προαγωγή του στρατηγού Καψαμπέλη (Historical Documents: The promotion of General Kapsambelis). Κυνουρία 12.273-4. April 5. {H}
Anonymous. 1956. Χρεωστική ομολογία της χώρας Πραστού (Promissory debt of the village of Prastos). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 32. {H}
IOU written in 1813 by the villager of Prastos to the local noble Hatzipanagiotis to pay off taxes to the village emir.
Arkadiotis, V. [Αρκαδιώτης, Β.] 1956. Δημήτρης Καλλιοντζής ο Σιταινιώτης (Dimitris Kalliontzis of Sitena). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 152. {H}
Modern Greek folk song on warrior in Greek Revolutionary War.
* Arkadiotis, V. [Αρκαδιώτης, Β.] 1964. Σύλλογος στα 1866 (An Association in 1866). Αρκαδικά 9.100. 22 April. {H}
* Arkadiotis, V. [Αρκαδιώτης, Β.] 1965. Πριν 90 χρόνια (Ninety Years Ago). Αρκαδικά 10.109. 20 January. {H}
* Arkas, V. [Αρκάς, Β.] 1966. Το «Τρύπιο Λιθάρι» της Αταλάντης (The "Hollow Rock" of Atalanta). Αρκαδικά 11.127. 25 July. {H}
* Aspreas, G. [Ασπρέας, Γ.] 1930. Τζακωνιά ή Τσακωνιά (Dzakonia or Tsakonia). Στρατιωτική και Ναυτική Εγκυκλοπαίδεια.
* Athanasiou, V. [Αθανασίου, Β.] 1960. Η Σίταινα (Sitena). Αρκαδικά 5.57. 15 August. {H}
* Athanasiou, V. [Αθανασίου, Β.] 1962. Του τσακώνικου χορού (δημ. τρ.) (For the Tsakonian dance: a folk song). Αρκαδικά 7.81. 15 September. {C}
Barry, J. N., Share, M. J., Smithies, A. S. & Westerink, L. G. 1975. Mazaris' Journey to Hades. Buffalo: Arethusa. {H}
Edition of 15th century satire which mentions Tsakonians.
Bekyris, M.K. [Μπεκύρης, Μ.Κ.] 1956. Κώστας Ουράνης (Kostas Ouranis). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 116-128. {H}
Reminisceces of the Modern Greek poet, born in Lenidi.
*L Bourguet, É. 1925. Sur le dialecte Laconien. Mélanges Linguistiques offerts à M.J. Vendryes par ses amis et ses éleves. Paris: É. Champion. 69-74. {L}
On Laconian and Neo-Laconian.
L Bourguet, É. 1927. Le dialecte Laconien. (Collection Linguistique publiée par la societé de Linguistique de Paris 23) Paris: Honoré Champion. 179 pp. {L}
On Laconian and Neo-Laconian. Publishes Laconian inscriptions with commentary; includes some analysis of Tsakonan words in light of Laconian.
* Boutouras, A. [Μπούτουρας, Α.] 1912. Περί της προελέυσεως του ονόματος «Τσάκωνες» (On the origin of the word "Tsakonians"). Χαραυγή 2.3.24: 62. {E}
Caratzas, S. C. [Καρατζάς, Σ.Κ.] 1973a. Γύρω από τρία νεοελληνικά τοπωνύμια (Χαβουτσί, Λάκωνες, Έλουνη) (On three Modern Greek placenames: Havoutsi, Lakones, Elouni). Ελληνικά 26: 97-106.{LH}
Etymologies of three Tsakonia-related placenames: Havoutsi, which Karatzas connects with "hamoutzis", the northern Greek term of ridicule for southern Greeks, who use "hamo" instead of "kato" for "on the ground"; the village Lakones in Corfu, which he derives from "lakkos" "hole > valley" and not "Laconian"; and the monastery of Eouni < Eluni, which he derives from the Slavonic *elyńi "place with fir trees".
Caratzas, S. C. [Καρατζάς, Σ.Κ.] 1973b. Review of Symeonidis (1972). Ελληνικά 26: 370-376. {EH}
Very negative review of Symeonidis' attempt to account for the etymology of "Tsakonian" as being from "trakhys", "harsh (land)" (in what the reviewer --- who has his own account to advance in Caratzas 1976 --- gleefully notes was a failed PhD at Thessalonica University).
Caratzas, S. C. 1976. Les Tzacones. Berlin: De Gruyter. 451 + xxi pp.{EH}
The cap on the interminable debate on the etymology of "Tsakonian".
* Charters-McDowell, C. 1996. Studies in the Tsakonian Dialect. Doctoral dissertation, University College London. {L}
Does not appear to have ever been submitted.
* Χρονικά της Καστάνιτσας (Kastanitsa Chronicle) 1. 1953. Published by Αδελφότης Κυνουρέων Αττικής (The Fraternity of Cynureans in Attica). Reprinted from Χρονικά του Μωριά 2: 193-224.
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1945. Ένας Τούρκος τσακωνολόγος (A Turkish Tsakonologist). Κυνουριακή 1.2. August 1. {H}
NP Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1951a. Σύντομη Γραμματική της Τσακωνικής Διαλέκτου (A Brief Grammar of the Tsakonian Dialect). (Collection De L’Institut Français D’Athènes 35) Athens: Institut Français D’Athènes. 197 pp. {L}
Doctoral dissertation, Aristotle University. The main grammar of Northern and Propontis Tsakonian.
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1951b. Ιδιωτικά έγγραφα από την Τσακωνιά (Private documents from Tsakonia). Χρονικά των Κυνουριατών 1. 59-60. {H}
P Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1956a. Παρατηρήσεις στα τσακώνικα της Προποντίδας (Observations on the Tsakonian of the Propontis). Πελοποννησιακά 1. 108-126. {LT}
Further observations on Propontis Tsakonian, with sample texts.
NSP Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1956b. Από την Ιστορία της Γλώσσας μας. (From the History of Our Language). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1. 33-35. {T}
Description of Constantine Oikonomou's archive.
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1956c. Προσθήκες και διορθώσεις στη Χλωρίδα της Τσακωνιάς του Μ. Δέφνερ (Corrections and additions to M. Deffner's "Flora of Tsakonia". Mèlanges Octave et Melpo Merlier. Athens: Institut Français d'Athènes. 1:136-156. {L}
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1957. Ένα ανέκδοτο σιγίλλιο και ένα μπουγιουρντί (An unpublished seal and a command). Πελοποννησιακά 2: 369-378. {H}
P Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1957-58. Τσακώνικα Παραμύθια (Tsakonian Fairy Tales). Λαογραφία 17. 93-178. {T}
Stories in Propontis Tsakonian. pp. 124-178: commentary on the stories by G. Megas.
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1958-59. Τσακώνικα κύρια ονόματα (Tsakonian Proper Names). Πελοποννησιακά 3-4: 230-240. {C}
Listing of Tsakonian first names, surnames and nicknames in use in Melana.
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1959. Τα Τσακώνικα (Tsakonian). Πελοποννησιακή Πρωτοχρονιά 97-101. {L}
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1960a. «Μουντζούρε να 'χερε από του Χαντέλη το Φούρνε» ("May you be smudged from Hantelis' Oven"). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 2. 125-127. {C}
Explication of Tsakonian curse.
P Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1960b. Μια περίπτωση αναλογίας στα Τσακώνικα της Προποντίδας (An instance of analogy in Propontis Tsakonian). Αφιέρωμα Μ. Τριανταφυλλίδη. 231-2. {L}
Analogical extension of -y > -u adjective ending to neuter nominals in general.
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1961a. Τσακωνική λαϊκή αρχιτεκτονική (Tsakonian Folk Architecture). Λαογραφία 19. 264-324. {C}
Description of traditional house construction in Tsakonia.
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1961b. Δωρικοί αντίλαλοι στην Κυνουρία. Η Τσακωνιά και τα Τσακώνικα (Doric echoes in Cynuria. Tsakonia and Tsakonian). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 2: 49-51.
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1962a. Εκφραστικά μέσα για τον προδσιορισμό του χρόνου στα τσακώνικα (Expressives means for determining time in Tsakonian). Λαογραφία 20. 27-65. {C}
Culture-specific ways of stating the time and duration of events in Tsakonian.
Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1962b. Υφαντικές ύλες και επεξεργασία τους στην Τσακωνιά (Weaving materials and their processing in Tsakonia). Πελοππονησιακά 5: 224-283. {C}
Weaving in Tsakonia and words associated with the practice.
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1964. Η ελιά και το λάδι στην Τσακωνιά (Olives and Oil in Tsakonia). Λαογραφία 21. 367-415. {C}
Description of the traditional oil industry in Tsakonia, and of cultural associations and expressions involving olives and oil.
*P Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1969. Τα Τσακώνικα της Προποντίδας (Propontis Tsakonian). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 41-47. {H}
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1972. Ο Πουκεβίλ και τα Τσακώνικα (Poucqueville and Tsakonian). Κυνουρία. July-August.
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1974. Τσακωνικά (On Tsakonian). Λαογραφία 29: 227-230. {L}
Etymology of the place name Ανάβολοι and of βάτα "cattle prod".
P Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1975. Θρακικές επιδράσεις στα Τσακωνοχώρια της Προποντίδας (Thracian influences on the Tsakonian villages of the Propontis). Πρακτικά Αʹ Συμποσίου Λαογραφίας Βορειοελλαδικού Χώρου. Thessalonica: Ίδρυμα Μελετών Χερσονήσου του Αίμου. 161-170. {CL}
Instances of lingustic and cultural influence (popular ritual) exerted on the Tsakonians of the Propontis from the Thracian Greeks that worked for them and intermarried with them.
NS Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1975-76. Τα ποιμενικά της Τσακωνιάς (Animal Husbandry Practice in Tsakonia). Λαογραφία 30. 45-160. {C}
Description of traditional animal husbandry practices in Tsakonia, with associated Tsakonian words and phrases.
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1976-1978. Γεωργικά της Τσακωνιάς (Agricultural Practice in Tsakonia). Λαογραφία 31. 43-150. {C}
Description of traditional agricultural practices in Tsakonia, with associated Tsakonian words and phrases.
P Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1979. Βάτικα και Χαβουτσί: Τα τσακωνοχώρια της Προποντίδας (Vatika and Havoutsi: The Tsakonian Villages of the Propontis). (Βιθυνία 1) Athens: Κέντρο Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών. xxiii+418 pp. {C}
Extensive presentation of the social life and customs of the erstwhile Propontis settlements.
NSP Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1980. Δείγματα Τσακωνικής Διαλέκτου (Samples of Tsakonian Dialect). Athens: Αρχείο Τσακωνιάς. 80 pp. (2nd ed. 1983) {T}
Short texts in Tsakonian, mostly Southern, from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Includes two letters and a sample dialogue from 1836, as collected by Constantine Oikonomou. Includes brief grammatical introduction.
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1981a. Κεράσια Ελιές (Cherries and Olives). Athens.
Short stories.
* Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1981b. Ο Evliyâ Tchelebi στην Πελοπόννησο (Evliyâ Tchelebi in the Peloponnese). Πελοποννησιακά 14: 238-306. {H}
Translation of the passages referring to the Peloponnese by the Ottoman traveller and writer who first recorded Tsakonian.
NSP Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1986. Λεξικό της Τσακωνικής Διαλέκτου (Dictionary of the Tsakonian Dialect). 3 vols. Athens: Academy of Athens. {LT}
Comprehensive dictionary, though with more Southern and Propontis than Northern Tsakonian. Costakis' lifework. Has sample dialect texts in an appendix.
S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1989. Κείμενα Τσακωνικής Διαλέκτου (Texts in Tsakonian Dialect). Ελληνική Διαλεκτολογία 1. 71-72. {T}
Two sample stories, from a forthcoming anthology by Sotiris Lysikatos. (I do not know that this has ever appeared.)
*S Costakis, A. P. [Κωστάκης, Θ. Π.] 1999. Γραμματική της Τσακωνικής Διαλέκτου (Περιφέρεια Λεωνιδίου-Πραστού) (Grammar of the Tsakonian Dialect—Leonidio/Prastos District). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 15. 172 pp. {L}
New grammar of Costakis' native dialect.
* Damaskos, C. [Δαμάσκος, Χ.] 1906. Η κοιτίς της Τσακωνικής διαλέκτου (Πραστός-Καστάνιτσα-Σίταινα) (The heartland of the Tsakonian dialect: Prastos, Kastanitsa, Sitena). Αρκαδική Επετηρίς 2: 328-331.
* Deffner, M. 1874. Reste älterer Casusbildung im Zakonischen. Νέα Ελλάς 34. 19 October. {L}
* Deffner, M. 1874. Die Demonstrativ pronomina des Zakonischen. Νέα Ελλάς35.29 October. {L}
* Deffner, M. 1874. Das Ersch im Zakonischen. Νέα Ελλάς 37. 9 November. {L}
* Deffner, M. 1874. Eine Probe des zakonischen Dialektes. Νέα Ελλάς. {L}
On remains of ancient case-formation in Tsakonian; the Tsakonian demonstrative pronouns; the Tsakonian ρ.
* Deffner, M. 1875. Über den dialekt der Zakonen (On the dialect of the Tsakonians). Monatsbericht der königliche preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin.18, S. 15-3: 176-195. {L}
Deffner, M. 1880a. Das Zaconische als Fortentwicklung des laconischen Dialektes erwiesen (Tsakonian seen as a continuation of the Laconian dialect). Archiv für mittel- und neugriechische Philologie 1. 1-54. {L}
Reasonably cogent for its time summary of the historical linguistics of Tsakonian.
Deffner, M. 1880b. Kurze Geschichte der Griechischen Casus von ihrer Fuenfzahl im Altgriechischen bis zum theilweisen Verluste der Nominalflexion im Zaconischen. Archiv für mittel- und neugriechische Philologie 1. 55-75. {L}
Now dated discussion of case loss in Greek, with brief remarks on Tsakonian.
Deffner, M. 1880c. Das Zaconische Verbum und seine Formen. Archiv für mittel- und neugriechische Philologie. 1. 77-87. {L}
Discussion of the history, morphology, and usage of Tsakonian verb forms.
Deffner, M. 1880d. Drei Zaconische Heiratsprotocolle aus dem Anfange des vorigen Jahrhunderts. Archiv für mittel- und neugriechische Philologie. 1. 167-186. {C}
Early 18th century texts with a few Tsakonian words; see Makrymihalos 1971.
* Deffner, M. 1880e. [On the Tsakonian word αρέ and the related lemma in Hesychius]. Bezzenbergers Beiträge 5: 238-40. {L}
Deffner, M. 1881. Zakonische Grammatik. Vol. I. Lautlehre. Berlin. 176 pp. {L}
"Deffner was extremely accurate in his statement of facts, used a clear, phonetic system of spelling and classified the peculiarities of the dialect with great care and detail. But he was more concerned with proving the identity of Tsakonian and ancient Lakonian than with giving an objective account of the dialect, and in consequence gives far too much weight to doubtful etymologies and to philological explanations which are either improbable or entirely untenable, and does not in the least make clear the great similarity that exists in syntax, vocabulary and general structure between Tsakonian and Modern Greek." (Scutt 1912-13:142) [The Athens University copy, at least, ends abruptly in a listing of archaisms in Northern Tsakonian.]
*S Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1921a. Δείγματα Τσακωνικής (Samples of Tsakonian.) Λαογραφία 8. 159-180. {T}
*S Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1921b. Α πεντάμορφο του κόσμου. Παρανύθι για τα καμπζία Τhα Τσακώνικα γρούσσα. (Snow White. A fairy tale for children. In the Tsakonian language). Athens.
Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1926. Επτά Ωραία Παραμύθια (Seven Beautiful Fairy Tales.) Athens. 16+7+11+6+6+6+4. {T}
Deffner's translations of Grimm's fairy tales into Modern Greek and Tsakonian: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Fox, The Bet of the Hare and the Hedgehog, Puss In Boots, The Fisherman and his Wife, Little Red Riding Hood. Deffner (1921a) and (1921b) are both his translation of Snow White, and were originally submitted as ms. 495 of the Philological Society of Constantinople. As a record of authentic Tsakonian, worthless, but commendable for its enthusiasm...
Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1922. Χλωρίς της Τσακωνίας (Flora of Tsakonia). (Γεωπονική βιβλιοθήκη 2.) Athens: Εταιρεία Σταύρου Χρίστου. 32 pp. {L}
Listing of Tsakonian names for plants, with some etymologies.
S Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1923a. Χαιρετισμοί, Ευχαί, Κατάραι, Όρκοι και Άσματα των Τσακώνων. (Greetings, Blessings, Curses, Oaths and Songs of Tsakonians.) Λαογραφία 7. 25-40. {T}
Tsakonian formulaic expressions and songs. The song is extrametrical, and appears to be a translation from Modern Greek by the author; this is frequent for reported Tsakonian songs, as Modern Greek songs had prevailed in the area since the 19th century.
S Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1923b. Λεξικόν της Τσακωνικής Διαλέκτου (Dictionary of the Tsakonian Dialect). (Λεξικογραφικόν Αρχείον της Μέσης και Νέας Ελληνικής, Παράρτημα τόμος θʹ) Athens: Εστία. xxi+411 pp. {L}
Early dictionary of Tsakonian, to be used with caution.
* Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1931. Έν παλαιόν έθιμον εν χρήσει από 2500 ετών (An old custom in use for 2500 years). Κυνουρία 98. {L}
* Deffner, M. [Δέφνερ, Μ.] 1932a. Οι Τσάκωνες (The Tsakonians). Κυνουρία 5.104. March 1. {H}
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Tsakonian is one of the languages surveyed which have innovated in their treatment of present tense morphology.
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On the etymology of the Tsakonian for "brother".
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A letter written during the Greek Revolutionary War by a Tsakonian (in standard Greek, with one or two possible Tsakonianisms), demanding supplies.
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Hesseling's controversial proposal that Tsakonian is a creole with Avar influence.
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Original poems.
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Notes on Tsakonian dance and songs, with song texts.
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History of Tsakonia.
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Tour of the by then almost deserted village.
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Autobiographical notes of a native of Havoutsi, as dictated to Thanassis Costakis. Also contains fieldnotes on Propontis Tsakonian.
Το περιεχόμενο αυτού του χ/φου το είχε στείλει ο Ν. Καραλιώτης, τσάκωνας πρόσφυγας στο Χιονάτο της Μακεδονίας, στο συντάκτη Θαν. Κωστάκη, που του είχε ζητήσει να γράψη ό,τι θυμόταν από τη ζωή του. Ο κ. Κωστάκης αντέγραψε το υλικό αυτό από το πρόχειρο χ/φο του κ. Καραλιώτη, κι έγραψε και τη μετάφραση. Ο κ. Καραλιώτης δεν πρόλαβε να γράψη περισσότερα, γιατί προσβλήθηκε από γλαύκωμα κι έχασε τελείως το φως του. Το χ/φο υποβλήθηκε στη Γλωσσική Εταιρεία στα 1969.
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Discussion of common linguistic evolutions in Tsakonian and Arumanian. As the two populations have not historically been in contact, the author concludes that, isolated as they were from Greek education, the two went further with linguistic changes latent in the language than other dialects, which were restrained by learned influence.
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Place names of Tsakonian origin from Tsakonia and the surrounding area, as evidence of the formerly wider spread of the language.
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Obituary on the Modern Greek author who had also written in Tsakonian.
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First mention of Propontis Tsakonian. [pp. 314-316?]
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Presents the military etymology for 'Tsakonian'.
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First mention of Astros, the church of St Leonidas (= Lenidi), and Kastanitsa, in 1293,
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Contains some Tsakonian texts: some jokes and poems, a couple of stories. Vagenas (1956a) reports the only copy he was aware of was Manolis Triandafyllidis', so the book may still be in Aristotle University, Thessalonica. Mercifully a copy has now been digitised by the University of Crete.
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Somewhat gossipy discussion of daily life in Leonidion. The arrival of Pernot ("the French professor") had made quite an impression.
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"Leake has a few very inaccurate notes on the phonetics and grammar." (Scutt 1912-13:140) A few phrases in Travels; a summary of Thiersch's paper in Peloponnesiaca.
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Reviewed in Byzantinische Zeitschrift 34: 419-420.
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Sketch grammar written by a Tsakonian.
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Investigation of the origins and distribution of the three future constructions of Tsakonian, θα γράψου, έμι θα γράψου, and Propontis μα γράψου.
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The apparent survivals of Ancient /y/ in Tsakonian and Southern Italian Greek are distributed quite differently; this undermines any notion of a common substrate.
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First (and tentative) description of Propontis Tsakonian.
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Edward Dodwell travelled in Greece in 1801-1806. A Classical and Topographical Tour Through Greece During the Years 1801, 1805, 1806 appeared in London in 1819.
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Texts from 1707 through to 1829, in Modern Greek with only a few scattered Tsakonian words. Includes Deffner's texts.
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Very brief note.
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Foundation of the organisation publishing the journal Chronika ton Tsakonon.
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Includes some documents on commercial transactions in the 1790s.
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On the recent progress of road construction in and around Tsakonia.
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Structuralist analysis of mood in Tsakonian.
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Structuralist analysis and history of Tsakonian aspirated stops.
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Resemblances between the dialects of Mani and Tsakonia: /y/, raising of /e/ before back vowels, ω > /u/, deletion of intervocalic /l/, /j/ > /ʒ/, assimilation of /s/ to following consonant.
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Brief grammatical notes, based on Thiersch.
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Review of Makrymihalos' publication of prenuptual agreements; no disagreements on substance.
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Attempt to trace diachrony of pos in Modern Greek from its distribution in Modern Greek dialect, including its absence in Tsakonian.
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Or: 1282-1283.
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The bucolic poem is in Puristic Greek; the Tsakonian poems are on pp. 40-56. According to Pernot (1933:47), the poems "ne sont pas sans reproche au point de vue linguistique."
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Edited in 1956 by T. Charmantas. Historical poem recounting events of the Revolutionary war; pp. 78-79 include brief notes on Tsakonian, with a vocabulary and a paragraph of Tsakonian.
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"Oikonomos, a Lenídhi priest, gives a short grammar of the Lenídhi dialect, together with a fairly large vocabulary, a few songs, and a short prose narrative. His worth is valueless philologically, but the vocabulary and texts are useful, though the spelling is very misleading." (Scutt 1912-13:141)
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Reprint from Oikonomou's collection. Other such snippets mostly from his collection but also from others (and of variable reliability) are scattered in issues of Χρονικά των Τσακώνων: vol. 1 (1956): 16, 35, 57; vol. 2 (1960): 21, 32; vol. 3 (1969): 32, 84. Also in the Cynuria Review (Κυνουριακή Επιθεώρηση): 1.1. (1936) 7, 14; 1.3. (1937): 88; 1.6. (1938): 65; 3.1. (1940): 20.
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Doctoral dissertation, University of Athens. On the ethnic origin of Tsakonians and the etymology of the word "Tsakonian".
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On the reliability of Neo-Laconian.
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Pernot expressing early scepticism on Doricisms in Tsakonian.
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Discusses the dissimilatory loss of /s/ in Greek dialects, and situates the similar loss in Tsakonian in that context.
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On the history of the verb "to be" in Tsakonian.
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Historical linguistics of Tsakonian, combatting speculations on Doricisms, and in response to Scutt (1912-13). Includes a text by Kleanthis Oikonomou with commentary.
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Tentatively suggests that the Tsakonian aorist passive, and its similarity to Maniot and Southern Italian Greek, points to an earlier more widespread distribution of the innovations in question.
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The definitive grammar, by one of the great Greek historical linguists. Thanasis Costakis was his main language consultant.
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Brief grammar; short text sample at end.
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Description of the Tsakonian dance; also includes folk and more recent songs from Tsakonia, both in Greek and Tsakonian.
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History of Tsakonia with some cultural notes.
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Etymologies of several village names in Tsakonia.
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Folklore, stories, and proverbial expressions, much of it presented as bilingual text.
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On the Laconian pedigree of Tsakonians (doesn't prove much).
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Historical grammar of Tsakonian.
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Fairy tales recorded in Lenidi, Tyros, Melana, and Kastanitsa.
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Bilingual short story by Modern Greek author.
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"He gives a short phonology and tabulates the pronouns and the verb fairly well, but deals very scantily with the noun. [...] His study includes a historical account of the district, and three very short and inaccurate texts, one of which is the Lord's Prayer. His system of recording the sounds is very misleading, and his phonological explanations are fanciful." (Scutt 1912-13:140)
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"an article on the place-names of Tsakonia, which dealt very thoroughly with the subject and used all the available sources. Thumb clearly proved that the proportion of Slav names is extremely small, but failed to remark the curious fact that these place-names, apart from terminations and the dropping of λ before back vowels, do not show Tsakonian peculiarities." (Scutt 1912-13:142-43)
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Laments in Standard Modern Greek from Tsakonia.
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The qualification was a minimum of property or income; 32 inhabitants of the then City of Limnaei are listed.
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Account of Tsakonian activities in the Greek Revolutionary War.
Tsouchlos, K. I. [Τσούχλος, Κ. Ι.] 1993. Λαογραφικά της Τσακωνιάς: δημοτικά τραγούδια, μοιρολόγια, θρύλοι, παραδόσεις, ήθη, έθιμα, δοξασίες, δεισδαιμονίες, ανέκδοτα, παροιμίες στην τσακωνική και στην νεοελληνική. (Tsakonian Folklore: folk songs, laments, legends, traditions, mores, customs, beliefs, superstitions, jokes, proverbs in Tsakonian and Modern Greek.) Athens. 212 pp. {TC}
Per title; a few songs and texts in Tsakonian, the majority in Modern Greek. Texts collected from the 1950s on.
Tsouchlos, E. [Τσούχλος, Ε] 1956. Έκθεσις Ιστορική Εμμανουήλ Τσούχλου (Historical Account, by Emmanuel Tsouchlos). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 36-42. {H}
Description by participant of activities in the Greek Revolutionary War; edited by T. Vagenas, originally published in 1886.
* Tzavellas, F. [Τζαβελλας, Φ.] 1937a. Λεωνίδιον, η καρδιά της Τσακωνιάς (Leonidion, the heart of Tsakonia). Νεολόγος (Tripoli) 257.
* Tzavellas, F. [Τζαβελλας, Φ.] 1937b. Βρασιαί, ο κήπος του Διονύσου. (Brasiae, the garden of Dionysus). Νεολόγος (Tripoli) 258.
P Tzitzilis, C. 1995. Die paläobalkanischen Sprachen im Lichte der neugriechischen Dialekte. Die Sprache 37: 85-94.
Claims inter alia that Phrygian ganos "jackal" is preserved in Propontis Tsakonian.
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1939. Δημήτρης Καλλιοντζής, το πρωτοπαλλήκαρο του Ζαχαριά (Dimitris Kalliontzis, Zacharias' champion). Κυνουριακή Επιθεώρηση 2.3: 34-40, 2.4:68. {H}
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* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1940c. Γεώργιος Δανεσής, ένας σπουδαίος Τσάκωνας (Georgios Danesis, an important Tsakonian). Παναρκαδική Ηχώ 13.648. August 4. {H} (Reprinted: Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 2, 1960: 128)
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* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1954b. Μανώλης Ντούνιας, ο Πορθητής της Τριπολιτσάς (Manolis Dounias, Conqueror of Tripolitsa). Αρκαδιακός Τύπος 436. September 20. {H}
Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1956a. Τσακώνικη Βιβλιογραφία: Σειρά Πρώτη (Tsakonian Bibliography: First Series). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 153-158. {B}
Tsakonian press, History & Folkore.
Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1956b. Ανδρέας Τσακώνης: Ο περίφημος τσάκωνας κουρσάρος (Andreas Tsakonis: The renowned Tsakonian corsair). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 43-51. {H}
Documents from 1795 referring to the activities of the corsair/pirate Tsakonis.
Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1956c. Η οικογένεια των Καραμάνων (The Karamanos family). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 58-62. {H}
Documents around 1800 mentioning the Karamanos family of Prastos.
Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1956d. Αφιέρωμα στον Μανώλη Ντούνια (Dedication to Manolis Dounias). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 129-145. {H}
Documents on Dounias, supporting Vagenas' contention that he was the first to enter beseiged Tripolitsa during the Greek Revolutionary War.
Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1956e. Τσακώνικον αφοριστικόν (Tsakonian excommunication). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 146-148. {H}
Patriarchal document of 1814 excommunicating the Tsakonian Kyriakos Ligouriotis/Ligenas unless he returned the money he had embezzled from his commercial partner.
Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1956f. Τσάκωνες αγωνισταί του 21 (Tsakonian warriors of 1821). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1: 149-152. {H}
Listing of Tsakonians who took part in the Greek Revolutionary War.
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1956g. Το εμπόριον των Τσακώνων (Tsakonian commerce). Εμπορική Έρευνα 2.10. January. {H}
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* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969b. Ο Επίσκοπος Ρέοντος και Πραστού Ιάκωβος (Χλωμός) εκ Τσιντζίνων του Πάρνωνα (Bishop Iakovos [Chlomos] of Rheon and Prastos, from Tzintzina in the Parnon). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 51-64. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969c. Διοικητική υπαγωγή της Τσακωνιάς μέσα στα χρόνια της Ενετοκρατίας (The administrative status of Tsakonia during Venetian rule). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 85-92. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969d. Δημήτριος Καλιοντζής, ο Σιταινιώτης Κλέφτης (Dimitrios Kaliontzis, the Brigand from Sitena). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 93-99. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969e. Ο Τσάκωνας αγωνιστής Γιαννάκης Σαραντάρης κι' οι ανέκδοτες «Ιστορικές Σημειώσεις» του (The Tsakonian fighter Giannakis Sarantaris and his unpublished "Historical Notes"). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 105-119. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969f. Κλείσαν 100 χρόνια από τον ηρωϊκόν θάνατο του «Νέου Λεωνίδα» «καπετάν Κώστα Τσάκωνα» (A hundred years have passed since the death of the "New Leonidas", Captain Kostas Tsakonas). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 120-124. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969g. Δώδεκα παλαιά Τσακώνικα Μοναστήρια (Twelve old Tsakonian monasteries). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 129-132. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969h. Οι πρόγονοι του ποιητού Γεωργίου Κ. Στρατήγη (The ancestors of the poet Georgios K. Stratigis). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 133-137. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969i. Ο Μητροπολίτης Ναυπλίου και Άργους Νεόφυτος (Γιαννούσης) «εκ πόλεως Πραστού» (Neophytos [Giannousis], Metropolitan of Nauplion and Argos, "from the city of Prastos"). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 138-140. {H}
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1969j. Γύρω από το όνομα της τσακώνικης Μονής Αγίου Νικολάου της «Σύντζας» (On the name of the Tsakonian Monastery of St Nicholas of "Syndza"). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 3: 125-127. {L}
Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1971a. Ιστορικά Τσακωνιάς και Λεωνιδίου (History of Tsakonia and Lenidi). Athens. 330 pp. {HE}
Comprehensive history of Tsakonia, including antiquity, Middle Ages and early modern times.
* Vagenas, T. [Βαγενάς, Θ.] 1971b. Συμβολή στην Ιστορία του Μοναστηριού της Έλωνας (A Contribution to the History of the Monastery of Elona). Χρονικά του Κοσμά 1: 307-336. {H}
* Vayacacos, D.V. [Βαγιακάκος, Δ.Β.] 1953-4. Η επένθεσις εν τη Τσακωνική διαλέκτω (Epenthesis in the Tsakonian Dialect). Λεξικογραφικόν Δελτίον 6: 126-135. {L}
* Vayacacos, D.V. [Βαγιακάκος, Δ.Β.] 1962. Περί του ετύμου της λέξεως Τσακονία-Τσάκονες (On the etymology of the word Tsakonia/Tsakonians). Αθηνά 66: 365-367. {H}
* Vayacacos, D.V. [Βαγιακάκος, Δ.Β.] 1962. Τσακωνική βιβλιογραφία (Tsakonian bibliography). Αθηνά 66: 364-7. {B}
* Vayacacos, D.V. [Βαγιακάκος, Δ.Β.] 1962-63. Τσακωνική βιβλιογραφία (Tsakonian bibliography). Αθηνά 67: 245-8. {B}
* Vayacacos, D.V. [Βαγιακάκος, Δ.Β.] 1986. Κοινά γλωσσικά στοιχεία εις την διάλεκτον της Τσακονιάς και της Μάνης (Common Elements in the dialects of Tsakonia and Mani). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 7. 76-126. {L}
* Veis, N. [Βέης, Ν.] 1922. Forschung in Zakonien (Research on Tsakonia). Λαογραφία. {L}
* Veis, N. [Βέης, Ν.] 1942. Οι Τσάκωνες και η Τσακωνική Διάλεκτος (Tsakonians and the Tsakonian Dialect). Πρωία 17.17. 114. March 15. {L}
* Villoison, J.-B. G.d'A. de. 1788. Prolegomena ad Homerum. Venice. 49-50. {L}
"The first important information on the dialect is supplied by Villoison, who states some of the phonetic peculiarities and gives a few examples of each. He obtained his facts from a Tsakonian in Athens, and only deals with a very small part of the subject." (Scutt 1912-13:140)
* Xyggopoulos, A. [Ξυγκόπουλος, Α.] 1960. Τα παλαιά μνημεία της περιοχής Πραστού (The old monuments of the Prastos region). Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 2: 12-14. {H}
* Zarvanos, K.M. [Ζάρβανος, Κ.Μ.] 1881. Ιστοριογεωγραφική περιγραφή της Επαρχίας Κυνουρίας (Historical and geographical description of the Cynuria district). Constantinople. 100 pp. {H}
Excerpts reprinted in Χρονικά των Τσακώνων 1:63-64, 1956.
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