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Fred Bloggs 2002-10-10 Russian Lojban list .i mi nau tavla

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word nau
selma'o CUhE [hyperlink: ocurrences of CUhE in EBNF grammar]
wordlist definition reference point: tense: refers to current space/time reference absolutely
CLL p. 238 [hyperlink]
Concordance listing Link to every instance of nau ever used or discussed in Lojban: concordance search engine
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Representative usage of word
  • Helsem: pelxu. ni'o ko'i pu noroi la'u le nau mokca kuku gleki
  • Helsem: pelxu. .i le ma'a sancypurdi pe'a nau se jmaji mulno
  • elron: irc. pei nau co'a cilre la lojban (what about starting to learn lojban now ?)
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