Answers to Exercises

Exercise 2

  1. .ua

  2. .oi

  3. .u'inai

  4. .u'i

  5. .ienai

  6. .oi , .i'enai, or even .oi.i'enai

  7. .iunai

  8. Probably .a'unai.oi, unless you like cold greasy food, of course.

  9. .uu

  10. Depends on your feelings about beetles. .ii if you have a phobia, .a'unai if you are merely repelled by it, .a'u if you're an entomologist, and so on.

Exercise 3

  1. New York: USA

  2. Rome: Italy

  3. Havana: Cuba

  4. Cardiff: Wales (The Welsh for Cardiff is Caerdydd, which would Lojbanise to something like kairdyd..)

  5. Beijing: China

  6. Ankara: Turkey

  7. Albequerque: New Mexico, USA

  8. Vancouver: Canada

  9. Cape Town: South Africa

  10. Taipei: Taiwan (note b, not p. Although actually, the b in Pinyin is pronounced as a p... But this isn't meant to be a course on Mandarin!)

  11. Bonn: Germany

  12. Delhi: India (The Hindi for Delhi is DillÓ, which would give diliys. or dili'is..)

  13. Nice: France

  14. Athens: Greece (Athina in Greek)

  15. Leeds: England

  16. Helsinki: Finland

Exercise 4

There are usually alternative spellings for names, either because people pronounce the originals differently, or because the exact sound doesn't exist in Lojban, so you need to choose between two Lojban letters. This doesn't matter, so long as everyone knows who or where you're talking about.

  1. djon. (or djan. with some accents)

  2. melisys.

  3. .amandys. (again, depending on your accent, the final y may be a, the initial a may be y, and the middle a may be e.)

  4. matius.

  5. maikyl. or maik,l. , depending on how you say it.

  6. deivyd.bau,is. or bo,is. (but not bu,is. — that's the knife)

  7. djein.ostin.

  8. .uiliam.cekspir.

  9. sigornis.uivyr. or sygornis.uivyr.

  10. ritcyrd.niksyn.

  11. .istanBUL. with English stress, .IStanbul with American, .istanbul. with Turkish. Lojbanists generally prefer to base cmene on local pronunciation, but this is not an absolute rule.

  12. maDRID.

  13. tokios.

  14. san.salvaDOR. (with Spanish stress)