Lojban words as names

By now you should be able to Lojbanise your own name. However, if you prefer, you can translate your name into Lojban (if you know what it means, of course) or adopt a completely new Lojban identity. Native Americans generally translate their name when speaking English, partly because they have meaningful names, and partly because they don't expect the wasichu to be able to pronounce words in Lakota, Cherokee or whatever!

All Lojban words (as opposed to cmene) end in a vowel, and although you can use them as names as they stand, it's common to leave out the final vowel to make it absolutely clear that this is a name and not something else (Lojban goes for overkill when it comes to possible misunderstanding). So if your name or nickname is Cat (Lojban mlatu), you can either add s like a normal cmene to make mlatus., or just chop the end off and call yourself mlat. .

Here are a few examples: